Influencing Change
Through Politics

To use the influence of experts and politicians to raise
the welfare of animals nationally and internationally.

Influencing Change
Through Politics

To use the influence of experts and politicians to raise the welfare of animals nationally and internationally.

| Farm Animals

Farm animal welfare is one of the biggest challenges to try to improve the welfare of such a large number of animals. APGAW believes it is important to raise awareness of welfare issues, to offer information and to consider all areas affecting farm animal welfare which can include diet, environment, management, health, transport and slaughter to see what improvements could be made.

Key Issues

EU rules have stopped attempts to ban export of live animals for slaughter and so with Brexit, APGAW would like to see an end to this and a replacement of the exports of live animals with chilled carcasses. New Zealand has already banned live transportation proving it is doable.

The UK’s new trading relationships will affect the degree to which the UK will feel it is willing to enact welfare improvements unilaterally. Rules will need to be put in place to regulate trade and prevent the UK importing goods produced to a lower standard. We do not want good welfare standards undermined by cheap imports produced to lower standards and APGAW will be working to prevent this.

CCTV in abattoirs is an issue APGAW has worked on for a number of years and we were pleased that the Conservative manifesto committed to this. Our members will push for this to make sure it happens.

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| News from APGAW

APGAW publishes report on small abattoirs

APGAW has released a report following an inquiry looking into the provision of abattoirs after concerns were raised that large numbers of small abattoirs had closed taking away options for slaughter for small scale farmers and forcing them to use large processing...

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APGAW’s work during COVID-19

APGAW has continued operating during lock down by writing the report on the Small Abattoir Provision inquiry and working on the Agricultural Bill as it goes through the Commons into the Lords.  We have also been keeping in contact with associate members to see what...

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General Election & APGAW

APGAW  has ceased to exist during the dissolution of Parliament and the General Election period. Parliamentary rules mean that APPGs cannot use social media or send out formal communication. Once the newly elected MPs return a meeting will be held to appoint new...

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