Influencing Change
Through Politics

To use the influence of experts and politicians to raise
the welfare of animals nationally and internationally.

Influencing Change
Through Politics

To use the influence of experts and politicians to raise the welfare of animals nationally and internationally.

| Minutes Archive

 Please find a record of APGAW’s past work.

6th August 2022 –  Report on Improving the Effectiveness of Animal Welfare Enforcement – View

8th July 2020 – The Future for Small Abattoirs in the UK -View

1st September 2019 –Wildlife Crime Unit Funding Letter –View

10th August 2019 – Dog Meat Trade Letter – View

15th May 2019 – Licensing of Equine Rescues Letter – View

20th November 2018 – Update on the Dog Strategy – View

14th September 2018 – Airguns and Impact on Animal Welfare – View

3rd June 2018 – Provision of Abattoirs –View

21st March 2018 – Animal Sentience Discussion Panel – View

21st February 2018 – Method of Production & Slaughter Labelling – View

1st January 2018 – Livestock Worrying Report – View

12th December 2017: Future of Livestock Production – View

21st March 2017 – Livestock Worrying- View

7th February 2017 – The Fur Trade –View

29th November 2016 – Dog Welfare: Standards for Behaviourists & Trainers – View

12th July 2016 – Brexit & Farm Animal Welfare – View

19th April 2016 Wildlife Law –View

9th February 2016  The Welfare of Exotic & Small Animals – View

8th December 2015 Scientific Testing on Dogs & Cats – View

25th November 2015 Dogs in Society 

15th October 2015 Review of the Hunting Act – View

22nd June 2015 AGM Election of Officers –View

17th March 2015 Animal Welfare Political Question Time – View

20th January 2015 Enforcement of Current Animal Welfare Legislation – View

2nd December 2014 The Dog Strategy – View

28th October 2014 Pet Retailers: Improving Pet Animal Welfare –View

15th July 2014 Reform of the Farm Animal Welfare Codes – View

1st July 2014 Animal Health & Welfare Board meeting – View

6th May 2014 Humane Slaughter meeting – View

11th February 2014 Primate as Pets – View

3rd December 2013 Dog Welfare – View

22nd October 2013 Minister for Animal Welfare –  View

13th June 2013 Meat Labelling – View

20th May 2013 Large Scale Farming – View

5th March 2013 Live Transportation- View

11th December 2012 Dog Welfare View

16th October 2012 Equine Report – View

3rd July 2012  Wildlife Law Review- View

24th April 2012 Minister for Animal Welfare- View

21st February 2012 Animal Welfare Education- View

6th December 2011 Dog Welfare- View

18th October 2011 Farming Animal Cloning- View

5th July 2011 Minister for Animal Welfare- View

1st March 2011 Research Animals- View

14th December 2010 Dog Welfare- View (Please note that these minutes were amended in January 2011, as highlighted in red in the text, following the secretariat being alerted to new information and comments being unreservedly withdrawn. Reference to that amendment can be seen in the minutes for March 2011).

12th October 2010 Minister for Animal Welfare – View

9th February 2010 Public Procurement of Animal ProductsView

8th December 2009 Minister for Animal Welfare & Dog MeatView

24th March 2009 A Healthier Future for Pedigree Dogs – View

20th January 2009 Year Ahead for Animal Welfare – View

14th October 2008 Links Between Child Abuse and Animal Abuse- View

3rd June 2008 International Issue: Whales, Elephants & Seals – View

1st April 2008 Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare- View

5th February 2008 The Welfare of Chickens- View


| News from APGAW

UPDATED Good Practice Code for Rabbit Welfare

UPDATED Good Practice Code for Rabbit Welfare

APGAW is pleased to announce the launch of the updated Good Practice Code for Rabbit Welfare having been trialling the first draft of the Code for the last couple of years. We are thrilled with the results but have now updated the Code to reflect the developing...

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APGAW leads on dog breeding

APGAW leads on dog breeding

APGAW picked up the work it did in 2009 with the publication of A Healthier Future for Pedigree Dogs report through a Parliamentary roundtable in December. Following this APGAW facilitated a high level conference this July in Westminster chaired by Lord Trees to set...

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APGAW held a roundtable session chaired by Giles Watling MP and attended by police, NWCU, RSPCA, NatureWatch and a number of other experts to discuss wildlife crime and what needs to be done to tackle it. The following points were discussed: Wildlife & Rural Crime...

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