Influencing Change
Through Politics

To use the influence of experts and politicians to raise
the welfare of animals nationally and internationally.

Influencing Change
Through Politics

To use the influence of experts and politicians to raise the welfare of animals nationally and internationally.

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Marisa Heath

APGAW is funded by three sources; the RSPCA are the main sponsor, the Petfood Manufacturing Association are the second key sponsor and then other organisations such as British Veterinary Association, Cats Protection, IFAW, CIWF and many others all pay an annual membership fee each year which goes towards the running of the Group.

Whilst APGAW is sponsored by these organisations, it is run independently of them by the political officers who are elected each year. Currently Lord Trees and Tracey Crouch MP are the lead members. APGAW sets its agenda and decides its priorities through the MPs and Lords who run it. The same MPs and Lords decide the position of the Group on the different issues and will listen to all stakeholders equally. APGAW makes a point of inviting a wide range of stakeholders to its meetings to hear different views.

APGAW publishes full financial records for the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards which are recorded on the Parliamentary website. You can also find a short overview of income and expenditure here

Marisa Heath is responsible for writing the APGAW strategy and inquiry reports, facilitating the inquiries, and producing letters to Government departments raising awareness and solutions to animal welfare issues. She also writes Parliamentary briefings and any media articles. She works closely with the co-chairs of the Group and also keeps wider members updated on issues and organises all meetings and events in Parliament. Marisa works on a part-time basis.

Further information on this can be found on the Parliamentary webpage:


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Workplan 2021

Small Abattoirs In 2020 APGAW published its report on small abattoirs which we believe can support the Government's objective to reduce live transport. We started 2021 by launching the Small Abattoir Sector Group (ASG) with the core members including Rare Breed...

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2020 Overview

If you would like to see what APGAW has been doing over the last year you can read our newsletter here If you have any questions on this work please do contact the secretariat.

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APGAW publishes report on small abattoirs

APGAW has released a report following an inquiry looking into the provision of abattoirs after concerns were raised that large numbers of small abattoirs had closed taking away options for slaughter for small scale farmers and forcing them to use large processing...

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