APGAW Management

APGAW is funded by three sources; the RSPCA are the main sponsor, the Petfood Manufacturing Association are the second key sponsor and then other organisations such as British Veterinary Association, Cats Protection, IFAW, CIWF and many others all pay an annual membership fee each year which goes towards the running of the Group.

Whilst APGAW is sponsored by these organisations, it is run independently of them by the political officers who are elected each year. APGAW sets its agenda and decides its priorities through the MPs and Lords who run it. The same MPs and Lords decide the position of the Group on the different issues and will listen to all stakeholders equally. APGAW makes a point of inviting a wide range of stakeholders to its meetings to hear different views.

APGAW publishes full financial records for the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards which are recorded on the Parliamentary website. You can also find a short overview of income and expenditure here