APGAW is pleased to announce the launch of the updated Good Practice Code for Rabbit Welfare having been trialling the first draft of the Code for the last couple of years. We are thrilled with the results but have now updated the Code to reflect the developing understanding around rabbit welfare.

For a long time we have been aware that as one of the most owned pets in the UK, rabbits often suffer from some welfare issues owing to a lack of understanding around their needs. Dogs, cats and horses have Statutory Codes of Practice protecting their welfare but the smaller pets do not have these. This is why APGAW worked with a small team of experts from RSPCA, Rabbit Welfare Association, PDSA, PfMA, Pets at Home, Animal Welfare Foundation and PIF to create the Code and update it.

Alongside this Code we have also created a public facing infographic called Rabbit Roundabout which clearly sets out all the needs for pet rabbits. We hope to see this used in retail, rescue and veterinary centres to help the public understand that their rabbit needs companionship, a proper diet, a good size home and daily activities. You can find the Code here

We are open to everyone using this work so please let us know if you want the PDFs or JPEGS to print out.