Sub-Group for Dogs Elects New Chairman

by | Dec 13, 2016

At the APGAW annual meeting on Dog Welfare, MPs decided to re-form the Dog Sub-Group as they wish to see it taking forward the recommendations set out in the 2015 Dog Strategy. The MPs duly elected Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP & Angela Smith MP to represent both main political parties, to co-chair the Group. Other MPs will also be involved in the work and Members wished to thank Rob Flello MP who chaired it in the last Parliament.

Henry Smith MP, who was chairing the APGAW meeting, asked members to put forwards issues for the Sub-Group to consider over the coming year. Suggestions included:

The Pet Travel Scheme and the threat of disease owing to removal of compulsory tick treatment as well as opportunities to tighten up enforcement and tackle the puppy trade owing to Brexit

​Standards for those working with dogs – trainers, behaviourists, groomers, walkers etc

​Puppy breeding and the need to protect progeny from inherited defects.

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