Animals in their natural state that have not been domesticated are considered 'wild'.This includes non-domestic animals in captivity, whether kept as pets or for other reasons including entertainment, and those living free in the environment. This means elephants and lions kept in zoos or circuses and badgers, foxes and birds are all considered wild animals.

There are a number of issues of concern ranging from use of wild animals in circuses to fox hunting which fall under this remit. Some of our Associate members feel very strongly about wild animals in circuses and APGAW has had the Born Free Foundation, ADI and Captive Animals Protection Society speak at meetings. Additionally there is the growth in reptiles, amphibians, exotic birds and mammals becoming increasingly popular as pets. There are significant numbers of exotic species being sold from breeders, via pet shops, dealers and over the internet and unfortunately, many exotic animals are bought or acquired by people who do not have specialist knowledge about the environment, diet, lighting and humidity that these animals need.

The issue of snaring and hunting continues to be controversial and will undoubtedly arise again in the new Parliament. We have diverse views represented in our membership from BASC to The League Against Cruel Sports.