APGAW is facilitated by Marisa Heath. 


Marisa is responsible for writing the strategy, drafting reports, running inquiries, and producing letters supported by the officers to Government departments and articles. She also keeps members updated on issues, deals with membership and organises all meetings and events as well as working alongside MPs and Lords to further their interest in animal welfare in Parliament.  


Marisa sets the work programme for APGAW and selects the speakers for events but always ensures the APGAW chairs are kept informed and that any suggestions they have for work is taken forward. 


Marisa has over twelve years experience working in local and national Government and has an extensive knowledge of parliamentary process and campaigning having worked in the House of Commons since 2005. She is aware of the myriad of issues relating to the work of associate members and assists them to further their cause within parliament if appropriate.


The RSPCA funds the secretariat post for APGAW but does not have an influence on the workstream or any position taken by the Group. Marisa works independently with the Officers of the Group and is answerable to them only. For further clarification on this please view the attached document.