What About the Dogs?

Saturday, February 07, 2004
July 2004 Welfare of Hunting Dogs Working Group

The Hunting Dogs Working Group was set up in November of 2003 to investigate the future welfare of dogs used for hunting in the event of a ban.

The idea for the Group arose after the Kennel Club approached Ian Cawsey MP about the possible fate of an estimated 20,000 hunting dogs.

The issue of the future welfare of dogs used for hunting had been consistently raised in deliberations about the future of hunting both by those who were 'pro-' hunting and those who were 'anti-' hunting. Despite several organisations and individuals repeatedly raising their concerns about the future welfare of hunting dogs, no-one had done any in depth investigation into this issue.

The animal welfare organisations represented on the Working Group came together with the common objective of giving many thousands of dogs the attention they deserved and addressing wide-spread concern about their future welfare. The Working Group did not consider the issue of hunting itself and their only motive was a genuine concern about the future welfare of hunting dogs.

The members of the Working Group were Chris Laurence from Dogs Trust (the new name for the NCDL), Dominic Rudd from the RSPCA, Phil Buckley and Caroline Kisko from the Kennel Club and Rachel Casey, a veterinary behaviourist from Bristol University. The group was chaired by the APGAW Chairman, Ian Cawsey MP and the secretariat to the Group was provided by Cassie Hague.

The Group produced the "What about the dogs?" report in July 2004 after spending 8 months deliberating on the subject. The report contained several recommendations intended to suggest a model of good practice for hunts and other owners of hunting dogs in the event of a ban.

You can read a copy of the report by clicking below.

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