Animal welfare has wide-spread voting appeal and is of great concern to the general public. The way to keep politicians interested in animal welfare is to speak to them about your concerns on a particular issue and to ask for their views. You can do this either via a meeting, email or letter which will mean their mailbags will be dominated by animal welfare issues and will ensure they keep up to date with the ones that are most important to you. Members of APGAW have the added advantage of receiving concise information on the most topical issues which no doubt helps MPs and Peers deal more effectively with your queries.

If there is an issue you feel strongly about write a letter to your Member of Parliament letting them know you think it needs addressing. The correspondence never needs to be long, in fact the shorter the better as politicians are so busy. You may wish to ask them if they are a member of APGAW and if not, let them know they are entitled to join the group and may find it useful.

All Members are contactable by post: Name of MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

If you have already had dealings with your MP and have found that their response was not all that you had hoped for, you might like to consider becoming involved with the work of one or more of APGAW's associate members.  Associate members are usually organisations involved with one particular aspect of animal welfare or with one particular kind of animal.  Many of APGAW's associate members are charities whose names you'll already probably be familiar with and you can find a list of them on this website under About APGAW.

Finally, if you have a specific concern or query, email Whilst we cannot promise a lengthy response, your comments will certainly be read and taken forward to the chairman of the Group and we do appreciate the time you will have taken to get involved in animal welfare matters.