APGAW associate membership is open to organisations who agree with APGAW's aims and objectives. While we are committed to being open and to welcoming all interested parties as members, final decisions on membership remains at the discretion of the APGAW officers. Membership is confirmed by an acceptance letter from the secretariat and subscription payment.

APGAW has the ability to refuse membership or terminate membership of any organisation or individual who is not following the Group's purpose of working cohesively and rationally with other members to influence change in Parliament. Associate members should not use APGAW membership as endorsement to third parties or indicate that it provides political approval as the membership does not mean endorsement or affiliation of any sort.

If you would like to become a member of APGAW, please visit Join APGAW.

The Directory of Associate Members
Please click here to enter the directory of associate members. These are just some of the organisations that are current members of APGAW and have asked to be included on a directory of members.

Please note: these groups are members of APGAW because they campaign on animal welfare issues, however, APGAW may not endorse all of their policies. APGAW is a diverse cross-party group and includes membership of organisations across the animal welfare spectrum. The provision of a link on this page should not be understood to indicate that all members of APGAW agree on the campaigning aims of these organisations. Furthermore, these sites are not under the control of APGAW and therefore the group cannot be held responsible for their content.

If you are a member of APGAW and would like to be included on this directory, please email admin@apgaw.org