Influencing Change
Through Politics

To use the influence of experts and politicians to raise
the welfare of animals nationally and internationally.

Influencing Change
Through Politics

To use the influence of experts and politicians to raise the welfare of animals nationally and internationally.

| Parliamentary Strategy

APGAW takes a One Welfare approach and places it in the context of the Group’s work. It aims to pick up on a range of issues of interest to both politicians and associate members. These ‘key issues’ will cover the work of APGAW until the end of this Parliament, however they will be reviewed regularly and amended as necessary. APGAW will also hold additional meetings on topic subjects if, and when, they are needed.

Reduction in animal and human abuse


  1. i) To increase sentencing for animal cruelty and to help to improve multidisciplinary approaches for dealing with poor animal welfare and its wider impacts (including for example, restorative justice and offender registers). Domestic Violence & Abuse Bill in Queen’s Speech.
  2. ii) To consider ways of improving enforcement of animal welfare working with the police, charities and local authorities.

Improved animal welfare and social aspects/More efficient multidisciplinary approaches


  1. i) To encourage more responsible pet ownership – (including through implementation of England-wide dog strategy which covers breeding, dealing and selling, consistent education, veterinary support, public education around choosing and keeping of pets including exotics etc).

Improved animal welfare – addressing poverty and local community support/Mutual rescue, improved life chances


  1. i) To develop and promote the benefit of pets on wider issues (for example, adult social services, learning disabilities, health and fitness, general well-being)

Improved animal welfare and food safety/Improved animal and farmer welfare, improved farming productivity/Improved animal welfare and improved food security and sustainability.


  1. i) To consider issues around humane slaughter, endemic diseases (e.g. lameness, mastitis), live transportation, CCTV in abattoirs, Brexit trade issues, improved consumer information/empowerment through labelling etc

Improved biodiversity conservation, environmental aspects and human wellbeing.


  1. i) To promote the benefits of working to support British farmers to support conservation and wildlife.
  2. ii) To support work to protect endangered species and the trade in illegal wildlife goods


We are currently working on the following issues:

> Reducing livestock worrying and encouraging responsible dog ownership.
> Farm animal welfare post Brexit – e.g. live transport, welfare at slaughter, meat labelling .


In 2020 our current plan is to look at welfare around animals used in science and any post Brexit impact, non-stun slaughter and enforcement of animal welfare law.

You can view the APGAW Parliamentary Progress Report for 2017-19 here


| Member's Area

Members of APGAW can login in here to access further information relating to on-going work



| News from APGAW

APGAW Priority Work

APGAW works in a strategic manner by raising animal welfare issues with Parliamentarians, engaging key experts and devising solutions which we see through to implementation. Over the past 2 years we have worked on livestock worrying and are currently seeing updated...

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Good Practice Code for Rabbit Welfare Launched

APGAW is pleased to announce the launch of the first Good Practice Code for Rabbit Welfare to mark the start of Rabbit Awareness Week 2021. For a long time we have been aware that as one of the most owned pets in the UK, rabbits often suffer from some welfare issues...

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Workplan 2021

Small Abattoirs In 2020 APGAW published its report on small abattoirs which we believe can support the Government's objective to reduce live transport. We started 2021 by launching the Small Abattoir Sector Group (ASG) with the core members including Rare Breed...

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